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EMN online : Year 1 - Semester 2

Course Type ECTS Resource


Tutorials, Short training period, Practical workshop

Core Course 6 All partners

Experimental approaches of neuropathology

Neuropathology, Experimental models, Methods Mechanisms, Therapeutic strategies
Focus on Pain and Neurodegenerative disorders

Core Course 6 Aix-Marseille

Functional and Cognitive Anatomy

General presentation of cognitive functions, Neuroanatomy, cognitive and emotional connexions, animal behavioural models, animal vs human models

Core Course 9 All partners (Valencia)

Behaviour, emotion and cognition

Language, consciousness, learning capacities, memory, motivation, stress and emotio

Core Course 6 Nice
Elective courses: 2 teaching units (6 ECTS each) have to be chosen in the following list
Biophysics Elective course 6 Alexandria
Neuropharmacology Elective course 6 Bordeaux
Case study in Biotechnology Elective course 6 Bordeaux
Developmental biology & ageing Elective course 6 Turin
Total semester 2 30