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EMN online : Year 1 - Semester 3

Course Type ECTS Resource


Intellectual property, Patent, Quality procedures, Biotechnology and Regional Economy

Core Course 3 Beirut

Regulations, laws and Bioethics

Public policy, Laws on ethics, Animal experimentation, Biosafety

Core Course 3



Drug development

Procedures for drug approval
Economical aspects

Core Course 3 Christian Mésenge


Elective courses: one specialization track, made of 3-4 teaching units, must be chosen out of the following 3 possibilities:

Track 1 – Molecular and cellular Neuroscience

Course Type ECTS Resource

Plasticity and cell communication

Synaptic plasticity, Neuron-glia interaction,
Membrane receptors, Trafficking

Elective Course 9 Bordeaux

Neurogenesis, Stem cells and transplantation

Neural progenitors, Migration, Differentiation,

Elective Course 6 Alexandria

Neuroendocrinology and neurobiology of food intake

Basics of Neuroendocrinology
Neuropeptidergic transmission
Hypothalamic regulations

Elective Course 6 Kraków Mésenge

Track 2 – Integrative and system biology

Course Type ECTS Resource

Plasticity and cell communication

Focus on 2 main examples:
Somatosensory and Visual perception
(Transduction, coding, elaboration of the
sensation, representation, integration).

Elective Course 6 Valencia/Marrakesh

From perception to action

Neuronal pathways: Cortex, subcortical pathways,
spinal cord, effectors

Elective Course 6 Aix-Marseille

Integrative physiology

Focus on biological Rhythms

Elective Course 6 Strasbourg

Computational neuroscience and neural network

Focus on biological Rhythms

Elective Course 3 Aix-Marseille

Track 3 – Neuropathology, Neuroprotection and Clinical Neurosciences

Course Type ECTS Resource

Neuroimmunogenetics and inflammatory disorders

Nervous and immune system interactions
Neurogenetics and Neuroepigenetics of brain disorders
Neuron-Glia interaction: Implications in neuroinflammation

Elective Course 6 Tunis

Neuroprotection and Therapeutic Approaches

Biochemical and molecular mitochondrial disorders

Microbiome, microbiota, probiotics and neurodegenerative diseases

Neuropeptides and neuronal survival

Elective Course 6 Tunis

Clinical Neuroscience

Neurocognitive impairment
Neurodegenerative diseases

Elective Course 6 Tunis

Clinical Neurophysiology

Clinical neurophysiology in neuromuscular diseases

Clinical neurophysiology in central nervous system disorders

Elective Course 3 Tunis
Total semester 3 30