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List of Training Laboratories

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This page lists only some of the possible laboratories for the semester 4 internship. The students can join any other laboratory as long as the proposed project is approved by their local EMN-online master coordinator.

Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry

Department of Neurophysiology and Chronobiology
Department of Neuroanatomy
Department of Cell Biology and Imaging

Institute of Neurodegenerative diseases

Team : Dopamine et assemblées neuronales
Team : Physiologie et physiopathologie des fonctions executives
Team : Neurochimie, stimulation cérbrale profonde et maladie de Parkinson
Team : Prise de décision pathologique dans l’addiction
Team : Physiopathologie des syndromes parkinsoniens

Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience 

Team : Synapse in cognition
Team : Central mechanisms of pain sensitization
Team : Neural coding of choice and action-selection during decision-making in behaving mice
Team : Development and adaptation of neuronal circuits

Magendie Neurocentre

Team : Neurogenesis and pathophysiology
Team : Glia-neuron interactions
Team : Planar polarity and plasticity
Team : Endocannabinoids and neuradaptation
Team : Cortical plasticity
Team : Neuronal circuits of associative learning