Year 2: Semester 3

Course Type ECTS Resource
Intellectual property, Patent, Quality procedures, Biotechnology and Regional Economy
Core Course 3 Beirut
Regulations, laws and Bioethics
Public policy, Laws on ethics, Animal experimentation, Biosafety
Core Course 3



Drug development
Procedures for drug approval
Economical aspects
Core Course 3 Christian Mésenge


Elective courses: one specialization track, made of 3-4 teaching units, has to be chosen out of 4 possibilities

Track 1 – Molecular and cellular Neuroscience

Course Type ECTS Resource
Plasticity and cell communication
Synaptic plasticity, Neuron-glia interaction,
Membrane receptors, Trafficking
Elective Course 9 Bordeaux
Neurogenesis, Stem cells and transplantation
Neural progenitors, Migration, Differentiation,
Elective Course 6 Alexandria
Neuroendocrinology and neurobiology of food intake
Basics of Neuroendocrinology
Neuropeptidergic transmission
Hypothalamic regulations
Elective Course 6 Kraków

Track 2 – Integrative and system biology

Course Type ECTS Resource
From sensation to perception
Focus on 2 main examples:
Somatosensory and Visual perception
(Transduction, coding, elaboration of the
sensation, representation, integration).
Elective Course 6 Valencia/Marrakesh
From perception to action
Neuronal pathways: Cortex, subcortical pathways,
spinal cord, effectors
Elective Course 6 Aix-Marseille
Integrative physiology
Focus on biological Rhythms
Elective Course 6 Strasbourg
Computational neuroscience and neural network Elective Course 3 Aix-Marseille

Track 3 – Medical neuroscience and neuroimaging

Course Type ECTS Resource
Morphofunctional neuroimaging
Topographical and Functional anatomy of the brain using in vivo 3D fMRI and Tractography Interindividual variability in healthy subjects and in patients with chromosomal aberrations.
Elective Course 9 Beirut
Pathophysiology of neurological diseases
Epilepsy, Stroke, TBI and forensic, Inflammation, Genetic and developmental disorders.
Elective Course 6 Beirut
Diagnostic and therapeutic tools development
Principles of neuroimaging, Electroneurophysiology, Functional neuroimaging, Therapeutic neuroimaging, Stance and gait.
Elective Course 6 Beirut
Total semester 3 30
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