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Assistant Professor in Animal Biology

Institution: Bordeaux University; France

Laboratory/Department : Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience, CNRS UMR 5297

Research topic: Central sensitization to pain: mechanisms of neuronal hyperactivity in the spinal cord:

  • Role of calcium dependant intrinsic properties
  • Descending serotonergic control of pain,
  • pain comorbidities with anxiety/inattention/impulsivity
  • Stress and consequences on motor network

Methodologies: in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology recordings, viral tracing, optogenetics


  • Fossat, P., Dobremez, E., Bouali-Benazzouz, R., Favereaux, A., Bertrand, S. S., Kilk, K., … & Nagy, F. (2010). Knockdown of L calcium channel subtypes: differential effects in neuropathic pain. Journal of Neuroscience, 30(3), 1073-1085
  • Fossat, P., Bacqué-Cazenave, J., De Deurwaerdère, P., Delbecque, J. P., & Cattaert, D. (2014). Anxiety-like behavior in crayfish is controlled by serotonin. Science, 344(6189), 1293-1297.
  • Radwani, H., Lopez‐Gonzalez, M. J., Cattaert, D., Roca‐Lapirot, O., Dobremez, E., Bouali‐Benazzouz, R., … & Landry, M. (2016). Cav1. 2 and Cav1. 3 L‐type calcium channels independently control short‐and long‐term sensitization to pain. The Journal of physiology, 594(22), 6607-6626.

Participation in the EMN-Online teaching

  • S3 – Cell communication and plasticity