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GESTREAU Christian

GESTREAU Christian

Associate Professor of Physiology and Neurophysiology

Institution: Aix-Marseille University ; France

Laboratory/Department : Brain Dynamics Institute, INSERM UMR-S 1106

Research topic: Brainstem neural networks involved in breathing and airway protection:

  • respiration biology and neurophysiology,
  • central and peripheral chemoreception,
  • control of swallow and cough reflexes,
  • vagal nerve stimulation in epilepsy

Methodologies: Electrophysiology (multi-electrodes, intracellular recordings), Neuroanatomy, Computational approaches, Arterially-perfused or in situ preparation


  • Gestreau C, Heitzmann D, Thomas J, Dubreuil V, Bandulik S, Reichold M, Bendahhou S, Pierson P, Sterner C, Peyronnet-Roux J, Benfriha C, Tegtmeier I, Ehnes H, Georgieff M, Lesage F, Brunet JF, Goridis C, Warth R, Barhanin J (2010) Task2 potassium channels set central respiratory CO2 and O2 sensitivity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(5):2325-2330.
  • Wang S, Benamer N, Zanella S, Kumar NN, Shi Y, Bévengut M, Penton D, Guyenet PG, Lesage F, Gestreau C*, Barhanin J*, Bayliss DA* (2013) TASK-2 channels contribute to pH sensitivity of retrotrapezoid nucleus chemoreceptor neurons” J Neurosci. 33(41):16033-44. (*equally contributing senior authors)
  • Cazals Y, Bévengut M, Zanella S, Brocard F, Barhanin J, Gestreau C (2015) KCNK5 channels mostly expressed in cochlear outer sulcus cells are indispensable for hearing. Nature Commun 6:8780.

Participation in the EMN-Online teaching

  • S2 : Experimental Approaches in Neuropathology