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MASSÉ Karine

MASSÉ Karine

Associate Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology

Institution: Bordeaux University; France

Laboratory/Department: Neurodegenerative Disease Institute, CNRS UMR 5293

Research topic: Functions of the purinergic signaling during vertebrate embryogenesis and neurogenesis.

Methodologies: molecular biology, in vivo functional analysis (gain and loss of function),


  • Tocco A., Pinson B., Thiébaud , Thézé N., Massé K. (2015). Comparative genomic and expression analysis of the adenosine signalling pathway members in Xenopus. Purinergic Signaling, 11, 59-77.
  • Massé K., N. Dale Massé K. and Dale N. (20112) Purines as potential morphogens during embryonic development. Purinergic Signaling 8(3): p. 503-21
  • Massé K., Bhamra S., Eason R., Dale N., Jones E.A (2007) Purinergic signalling triggers eye development. Nature 449, 1058-62.

Participation in the EMN-Online teaching

  • S3 – Cell communication and plasticity