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PEZARD Laurent

PEZARD Laurent

Professor of Neurochemistry

Institution: Aix-Marseille University; France

Laboratory/Department: Integrative and Adaptive Neurosciences, CNRS UMR 7260

Research topic: Theoretical neurosciences and complex systems:

  • Multiscale approach of brain dynamics,
  • Dynamics of behavioral systems,

Methodologies: nonlinear dynamical systems, symbolic dynamics, information theory, graph theory, Electrophysiology, behavioral sequences.


  • Hadriche A., Pezard L., Nandrino JL, Ghariani H, Kachouri A, Jirsa VK. (2013) Mapping the dynamic repertoire of the resting brain. Neuroimage, 78, 448-62..
  • Lesne A., Blanc J.-L., Pezard L. (2009) Entropy estimation of very short symbolic sequences. Physical Review E, 79, 046208.
  • Woodman M.M., Pezard L., Domide L., Knock S.A., Sanz-Leon P., Mersmann J., McIntosh A.R., Jirsa V. (2014) Integrating neuroinformatics tools in TheVirtualBrain, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 00036.

Participation in the EMN-Online teaching

  • S3 – Computational Neurosciences and Neural Networks