EMN online > VUILLEZ Patrick


Assistant Professor of Animal Physiology and Neuroscience

Institution: Strasbourg University; France

Laboratory: Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences, CNRS UPR 3212

Research topic: Regulation of circadian clocks:

  • Integration of annual photoperiodic variations by the central clock,
  • Food intake, metabolism and brain clocks functioning,
  • Neurobiology of diurnality/nocturnality.

Methodologies: Recording of physiological (Body temperature, energy expenditure, food intake) and behavioural (General activity, wheel-running activity) parameters by calorimetry and radio-telemetry; Morphofunctional approaches; Comparative physiology.


  • Sen S, Raingard H, Dumont S, Kalsbeek A, Vuillez P, Challet E. (2017) Ultradian feeding in mice not only affects the peripheral clock in the liver, but also the master clock in the brain. Chronobiol Int. 34(1):17-36
  • Chakir I, Dumont S, Pévet P, Ouarour A, Challet E, Vuillez P. (2015) Pineal melatonin is a circadian time-giver for leptin rhythm in Syrian hamsters. Front Neurosci. 9:190.
  • Chakir I, Dumont S, Pévet P, Ouarour A, Challet E, Vuillez P. (2015) The circadian gene Clock oscillates in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of the diurnal rodent Barbary striped grass mouse, Lemniscomys barbarus: a general feature of diurnality? Brain Res. 1594:165-72.

Participation in the EMN-Online teaching

  • S3 – Integrative Physiology – Focus on biological rhythms